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  • Net1N includes the N-terminal 341 amino acids of Net1 and is sufficient to bind and inhibit Cdc14 [ 11 ] . When GST-Cdc14/His6-T7-Net1N complex anchored to anti-T7 beads was treated with ATP plus increasing amounts of recombinant Cdc5 purified from insect cells, both Cdc14 and Net1N were phosphorylated as indicated by their increased apparent molecular weight.

  • The output from each search is further analyzed based on criteria described in Table 1. Homology between the partner and surrogate oftentimes ranges over a long stretch (15-20 amino acids) or may be found in a perfect match within a short sequence of 5-8 amino acids (unpublished data).

  • In order to identify the interaction of amino acids in this binding loop with 5-HT 3 R ligands, we have constructed alanine mutations of residues throughout this region and evaluated the alteration in binding affinity of 5 different classes of 5-HT 3 R ligands (Figure 1).

  • Indeed, both human homologs of yPOP2, hCAF1 and hPOP2, lack the 148 N-terminal amino acids which are, in yPOP2, required for transcriptional activation, whereas the yPOP2 C-terminus, which is involved in the interaction with yCCR4, is conserved in hCAF1 [ 11 ] and hPOP2 [ 19 ] . Similarly, hNOT2, the human homolog of the yNOT2 component of the CCR4-NOT complex, harbors a N-terminal domain divergent from that of yNOT2 -required for transcriptional activation and interaction with the yeast ADA2 factor-, but has conserved the C-terminal domain which is absolutely required for the yCCR4-associated function of yNOT2 [ 19 20 ] . Therefore, it looks as if genes of the CCR4-NOT complex have undergone a "concerted" phylogenetic evolution, with the yeast genes encoding multifunctional proteins and the animal genes only encoding "specialized" proteins specific for the CCR4-NOT complex.

  • We used both alanine-scanning and a 'radical' site-directed mutagenesis strategy to identify amino acids critical for the interaction within this region of LcrG.

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