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  • To date, the genes that have been shown to be responsive to regulation by FXR encode proteins involved in the biosynthesis and transport of bile acids [ 13 ] . Bile acids have been shown to modulate a variety of other cellular functions, such as secretion of lipoproteins from hepatocytes [ 14 15 ] and translocation of bile acid transporters to the hepatocyte canalicular membrane [ 16 ] . In McNtcp cells, which are liver-derived cells engineered to transport bile acids actively [ 17 ] , taurine-conjugated bile acids induce the formation of intracellular vesicles that resembles structures observed in cholestatic liver cells without apparent cellular cytotoxicity [ 1 18 ] . In contrast, glycine-conjugated bile acids promote apoptosis in these cells [ 19 ] . Thus, different classes of conjugated bile acids stimulate distinctive responses in McNtcp cells.

  • α i2 (1-10)-GFP was constructed by annealing the complementary oligonucleotides 5'-ctagcaccatgggctgcaccgtgtcggccgaggacaag-3' and 5'-ccggcttgtcctcggacacggtgcagcccatggtg-3' (corresponding to amino acids 1-10 of α i2 ) and ligating into AgeI-NheI digested pEGFP-N1.

  • 24 cells and primary mouse hepatocytes, through activation of the Fas receptor in a FasL-independent manner [ 19 25 ] . Moreover, GCDCA was demonstrated to activate both initiator and effector caspases, and that the apoptotic response can be blocked by Crm A, a caspase 8 inhibitor [ 25 ] . The mechanism by which bile acids stimulate the activation of Fas receptor remains unclear.

  • If serum phospholipids are truly surrogates for membrane phospholipids, as is widely believed, then the correlations we observed between specific fatty acids and phase angle should apply to the fatty acids of tissue membrane phospholipids as well.

  • It is also worth noting that, on the receptor, these two domains are not contiguous but are separated by 25 amino acids whereas only a 6 amino acid hydrophobic stretch separates the two noncontiguous contact-mimicking domains in the surrogate.

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