Example sentences for: acidosis

How can you use “acidosis” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • It should be emphasized that our patient demonstrated nephrocalcinosis prior to alkalinization with Polycitra™ to combat her metabolic acidosis.

  • Using methods to study critical illness physiology that are widely employed within pediatric intensive care units for interpretation of circulatory status, we have demonstrated evidence for hypovolemia in 53 Kenyan children with severe malaria complicated by metabolic acidosis [2].

  • Findings for risk factors included respiratory disease (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cor pulmonale, pneumothorax, hemothorax, etc.), symptomatic infection, fever (>38°C), hypotension (symptomatic, or systolic blood pressure <80 mmHg), anemia (<25% htc), hypertension (>90/160 mmHg), hypo/hyperpotassemia (<3 or >6 mEq/l), hypocalcemia (<8 mg/dl), hypo/hypernatremia (<130 and >150 mmol/l), elevated level of serum urea nitrogen (>100 mg/dl), elevated level of hepatic enzymes (high alanine aminotransferase, high aspartate aminotranferase), hyperamy-lasemia (>300 U/l), hyperbilirubinemia (>10 mg/dl total bilirubin), metabolic acidosis, hypoalbuminemia (<3 g/dl), hypo/hyperglycemia (<60 or >300 mg/dl), cardiac disease (symptomatic coronary heart disease and arrhythmias, heart failure, etc.), emergency admission status, age, length of stay in the ICU (LSICU), length of stay in hospital (LSH), and gender.

  • The hyperemic cerebrovascular response to hypercapnia or acetazolamide is not inhibited by nitric oxide synthase inhibitors such as N G-monomethyl-L-arginine (L-NMMA) suggesting that NO does not mediate vasoreactivity [ 23 24 ] . The mechanism of acetazolamide vasodilation, beyond smooth muscle intracellular and extracellular acidosis due carbonic anhydrase inhibition, is unclear.

  • In comparison to patients with other causes of ESRD, the patients with HIVAN included in the DMMS wave 2 study were younger, the majority were African-Americans and had lower serum albumin and more severe acidosis.

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