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  • Long polyglutamine repeats have been found in a number of transcription factors [ 39 ] . Notably, the C-terminus of murine HMG-box protein SRY contains a large polyglutamine repeat region that is responsible for the sex-determining function of this protein [ 40 ] . However, a number of neurodegenerative disorders, such as Huntington disease and spinobulbar muscular atrophy, are also strongly associated with proteins containing a polyglutamine stretch [ 41 ] . Conformational change and protein misfolding in the expanded polyglutamine region is believed to be the molecular basis of the pathogenesis [ 42 ] . Whether the presence of polyglutamine repeats in the C-terminus of human TNRC9 is important for function or alternatively hinders its ability to form a functional protein remains to be determined.

  • Human sequences : KIAA0808 mRNA (AB018351), KIAA0808 protein (BAA34528); KIAA0737 (C14ORF92) mRNA (NM_014828), KIAA0737 predicted protein (NP_055643); C20ORF100 mRNA (NM_032883), C20ORF100 predicted protein (NP_116272); TNRC9 mRNA (XM_049037), TNRC9 predicted protein (XP_049037), SEX determining region Y protein (SRY) (XP_010468).

  • Sry

  • It should be mentioned that CRE and SRY are likely to be responsible for increasing the basal transcriptional level of SPAM1 , leading to the robust expression of the mRNA that is detectable with Northern analysis only in the testis.

  • Because there are rodent species with no SRY gene and no Y chromosome [ 16], any of these genes or the X-linked DAX1 gene [ 17] might be considered candidates for a sex-determining gene in the XX rodents such as mole voles whose body plan is not so different from that of mice.

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