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  • [ 18 ] . This constitutively activated Stat3 (a mutant produced by substitution of the cysteine residues within the COOH-terminal loop of the SH2 domain of Stat3) induces cellular transformation and tumor formation in nude mice [ 18 ] . The plasmids to express other coactivators (SRC-1, CBP/p300, TIF2 and PCAF) have been described elsewhere [ 29 30 ] .

  • In addition, SRC-3 binding to the heterodimer was decreased by androstanol and this effect was largely blocked by 9-cis-RA.

  • 3shows, coexpression of active Stat3C simultaneously to SRC-1, CBP/p300, TIF-2 or P/CAF, resulted in a more efficient enhancement of the reporter transcription activity driven by AR as compared with any of the coactivators expressed separately.

  • Cumulatively, however, these observations do suggest a mechanism whereby HIV-1 expression in renal epithelium may induce cyclin D 1 : activation of Src-family kinases by Nef would be expected to up-regulate cyclin D 1 gene expression and promote the synthesis and stabilization of cyclin D 1 protein via Src-Ras-MAPK and Src-PI3K-mTOR signal transduction pathways, respectively [ 32 33 34 ] . Interestingly, our unpublished in vitro observations and published data showing marked expression of basic fibroblast growth factor in the interstitium of HIVAN kidneys [ 35 ] suggest that soluble mitogens may be important cofactors with HIV-1 expression to induce cyclin D 1 . Thus, interrupting HIV-1 gene expression should down-regulate cyclin D 1 and correct the phenotypic abnormalities in infected podocytes.

  • The effect of ligands on coactivator binding was evaluated using the BIAcore instrument as described [ 25 26 ] . For interaction of CAR, RXR and CAR/RXR heterodimer with SRC-3, a GST-SRC-3 fusion protein containing the receptor interaction domain of the coactivator was expressed in bacteria and purified.

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