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  • [ 11 12 13 14 ] . Kidney transplants between normal and transgenic Tg26 siblings suggested that specific HIV-1 proteins within the kidney, and not circulating factors, transform infected renal epithelium [ 13 ] . Indeed, HIV-1 transgenic mice generated with an HIV-1 proviral construct mutated in the Nef "PXXP" SH3-binding motif for Src-family kinases failed to develop nephropathy [ 31 ] , and a recent in vitro analysis of podocytes infected with single gene mutants of HIV-1 further suggest that Nef plays a central role in causing the proliferative phenotype in HIVAN [ 8 ] . Utilizing these same single gene mutant viruses, we showed here that Nef appears to be play a role in the up-regulation of cyclin D 1 by HIV-1 in vitro . Importantly, these single gene mutants do not exclude the possibility that other HIV-1 gene(s) may cooperate with nef to induce cyclin D1, particularly

  • Cumulatively, however, these observations do suggest a mechanism whereby HIV-1 expression in renal epithelium may induce cyclin D 1 : activation of Src-family kinases by Nef would be expected to up-regulate cyclin D 1 gene expression and promote the synthesis and stabilization of cyclin D 1 protein via Src-Ras-MAPK and Src-PI3K-mTOR signal transduction pathways, respectively [ 32 33 34 ] . Interestingly, our unpublished in vitro observations and published data showing marked expression of basic fibroblast growth factor in the interstitium of HIVAN kidneys [ 35 ] suggest that soluble mitogens may be important cofactors with HIV-1 expression to induce cyclin D 1 . Thus, interrupting HIV-1 gene expression should down-regulate cyclin D 1 and correct the phenotypic abnormalities in infected podocytes.

  • Thus, in a recent report ionotropic AMPA glutamate receptors were shown to " ...function not only as ion channels but also as cell-surface transducers by means of their interaction with the Src-family non-receptor protein kinase Lyn.

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