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How can you use “perturbing” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Side chain conformations are predicted by simply using the most frequently observed rotamer in a database of protein structures [ 30 ] . New conformations are generated by perturbing the existing conformation at an arbitrary residue by one of two methods: ( i ) the torsion values for three residues with identical sequence from a known structure are used to modify the current conformation, similar in spirit to that of Baker and colleagues [ 39 ] ; ( ii ) one of possible 14 torsion (φ/ψ) values derived based on the most frequently occurring torsion values for a given residue in a database of known structures.

  • Briefly stated, the differentiation process involves slightly perturbing the activation (down from 1.0 to 0.85) of each active input neuron, one at a time, to note the specific change in the output value.

  • Other tab mutants (such as tab3, TAB5, CDC14 TAB 6and TAB7 ) showed no defect in this assay, suggesting that bypass of cdc15Δ can be achieved without perturbing nucleocytoplasmic transport.

  • The results presented in this study suggest that sub-lethal radiation is effective in augmenting adoptive anti-tumor immunity in the Rip1-Tag2 model, underscoring the potential value of perturbing the tumor microenvironment as well as the lymphoid compartment to enhance anti-tumor immunity.

  • To determine if the overlap between npa mutants and the secretory pathway was restricted to gene products affecting the ER, the sec6-4 mutant perturbing Golgi to plasma membrane transport [ 52 ] was crossed into the GFP-nic96 nup170-GFP strain.

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