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How can you use “pathways” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Thus, we propose to study polymorphisms in genes involved in a number of systems and pathways related to stroke risk [ 5 ] : genes associated with coagulation factors and thrombophilia (Factor V, Prothrombin, Fibrinogen, Factor VII, Factor XIII, PAI-1, Thrombomodulin [TM], and MTHFR), as well as polymorphisms in genes that are involved in vascular reactivity (ACE), platelet activation/function (GpIIb/IIIa, GpIb IX-V, and GpIa/IIa), endothelial cell function (MTHFR, TM, VCAM-1, E-Selectin, L-Selectin, P-Selectin, and ICAM-1), inflammation (TNFα), lipid metabolism (Apo A1 and Apo E), and cell adhesion (VCAM-1, E-Selectin, L-Selectin, P-Selectin, and ICAM-1).

  • One tool that assists in the identification of important biological processes is GenMAPP (Gene MicroArray Pathway Profiler) [ 3], a program for viewing and analyzing microarray data on microarray pathway profiles (MAPPs) representing biological pathways or any other functional grouping of genes.

  • Once a core pathway is established, these data can readily be integrated into model refinements, as a recent study in systems biology elegantly demonstrates [ 1 ] . However, synthesizing these data de novo into models of pathways and networks remains a significant challenge.

  • Because each of the three transition states has a higher energy than does A and B or the products C and D or E or F and G, the transition state energy is a potential energy barrier, slowing the reaction from A and B down any of the three reaction pathways.

  • Since ceramide is linked to MAPK signaling pathways [ 33 ] we determined the effect of treatment of CLENDO cells with an exogenous source of ceramide.

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