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  • The second pair contained 56-bp and 60-bp specific sequences from the 5' and 3' ends of human HPRT . The hooks were amplified from HPRT yeast artificial chromosome (YAC) [ 6 ] with primer pairs HP-ARS-F and HP-ARS-R (Table 2) and cloned into the Xho I- Cla I sites of pARS-NK, yielding the vector pARS-HPRT.

  • We designed a TAR cloning vector pARS-HPRT carrying a 56-bp 5' HPRT -specific targeting hook and a 60-bp 3' HPRT -specific hook and inserted them into the promoter region of URA3 (see Methods).

  • pARS-ALF contained two 40-bp fragments of alphoid DNA monomer that were PCR-amplified using the primer pair ALF-F and ALF-R from a 171-bp alphoid consensus sequence (X07685) [ 34 ] . None of the amplified targeting hooks contained an ATG codon that was out-of-frame in URA3 . Vectors pARS-TGAC and pARS-HPRT were linearized by Sal I, pARS-Alu by Sma I, and pARS-ALF by Mlu I, exposing the targeting sequences.

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