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  • One of these corresponds to the catalytic, metal-coordinating domain, containing the DbDGD motif, in the β' subunit (residues: 626-750 of pdb id:1iw7 chain D), whereas the other one corresponds to the conserved core domain of the β subunit (residues:673-994 of pdb id: 1iw7 chain C).

  • Examination of the structure and multiple sequence alignments of bacterial β and β' subunits led to the identification of two additional, distinct domains, which so far are not detectable in any proteins other than the DDRP and were accordingly designated Beta-Beta' Module 1 (BBM1, region 119-165, 1iw7 chain D) and Beta-Beta' Module 2 (BBM2, region 1109-1190, 1iw7 chain D) (Fig.

  • Two of these SBHMs (regions 163-195 and 369-419 in 1iw7 chain D) are involved in the interaction with the σ 70 subunit, which is critical for transcription initiation in bacteria [ 23 ] . Thus, it appears likely that, originally, the SBHM domain of the β subunit participated in generic protein-protein interactions that allowed the ancestral DDRP to recruit accessory subunits.

  • A search of the PDB database using the DALI program [ 61 ] , with this β-barrel from Thermus thermophilus β' subunit submitted as a query (pdb: 1iw7, chain D region: 625-749), retrieved the N-terminal domain of the CDC48-like AAA ATPases, formate dehydrogenases, aspartate decarboxylases and Barwin.

  • Further visual examination and structural alignments revealed the presence of one additional SBHM domain in the β subunit (1iw7 chain C: region 592-659) and several repeats of this domain in the β' subunit (1iw7 chain D, regions: 163-195, 248-308, 311-368, 369-419 and 1270-1329) of the bacterial DDRPs (Fig.

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