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  • The Hh-signaling pathway comprises three main components: the Hh ligand; a transmembrane receptor circuit composed of the negative regulator Patched (Ptc) plus an activator, Smoothened (Smo); and finally a cytoplasmic complex that regulates the Cubitus interruptus (Ci) or Gli family of transcriptional effectors.

  • The presence of more than one pore region in Anopheles Shaker suggests that sequence diversity can be generated in an integral part of the internal segments of the channel, rather than what has been reported for Drosophila Shaker - splicing at the 5' and 3' ends [ 18 19 ] . Alternative splicing at the pore region occurs in another arthropod, the lobster Panulirus interruptus . Functional channels translated from genes with either of the two splice variants were expressed and exhibited different electrophysiological and pharmacological properties [ 13 ] . It is tempting to assume that the two transcripts with the two variable pore-regions in Anopheles would encode channels with different properties as well, although this would be premature until it is shown that both exons are transcribed.

  • Feel free to point out that callus interruptus is bad for business.

  • This is true of the transcription factor Cubitus interruptus (Ci): it is cleaved and its C-terminal portion is degraded [ 25 ] [ 26 ] [ 27 ] . Cleavage and degradation require phosphorylation, SCF Slmb, and proteasomal activity.

  • Punditus Interruptus, Week 1: Robert Novak and Al Hunt were unusually civil to one another in the Dec. 20 edition of Capital Gang , foiling "Pundit Central" 's plan to tabulate their numerous interruptions of one another in an attempt to calculate who is the bigger interjector.

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