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How can you use “intersections” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • But my favorite story of the week is from yesterday's New York Times . A group of researchers in Texas tried to determine whether sports utility vehicles (which I like to call "SUVs") clog intersections and slow down traffic.

  • Any thing reticulated or decussated, at equal distances, with interstices between the intersections.

  • a set that is closed under the two commutative binary operations and that can be described by any of various systems of postulates all of which can be deduced from the postulates that an identity element exists for each operation, that each operation is distributive over the other, and that for every element in the set there is another element which when combined with the first under one of the operations yields the identity element of the other operationintersections and unions, the subsets of a given set form a Boolean algebra

  • By creating intersections of various database search results, contigs/clusters could be organized by their distribution of homologies (for example, clusters which have M. javanica matches but not C. elegans matches).

  • Following clustering, comparative analyses were performed using WU-BLASTX and WU-TBLASTX [ 92 93 ] with 1,798 contig consensus sequences (themselves grouped into 1,625 cluster groups) as queries versus multiple databases including SWIR v.21 (5/19/2000) non-redundant protein database and Wormpep v.54 C. elegans protein database (Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, unpublished work), C. elegans mitochondrial protein sequences, and six internally constructed databases using intersections of data from the GenBank nucleotide database and dbEST [ 96 ] . These include: nemnoele (all nucleotide data from the phylum Nematoda with C. elegans removed); nemnoelenomi (nemnoele with M. incognita removed); nemnoelenomel (nemnoele with all Meloidogyne species removed); nemnoelenotyl (nemnoele with all Tylenchida species removed); yestylnomel (all Tylenchida species except Meloidogyne ); mj (only M. javanica sequences).

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