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  • The product of this gene was first identified by a monoclonal antibody against microtubular aggregates in hepatocytes of chimpanzees infected with hepatitis C virus [ 26 ] . The production of p44 mRNA is markedly induced in the liver of chimpanzees infected with hepatitis C or hepatitis D virus [ 27 ] . Inducibility by interferon-alpha/beta, but not by interferon-gamma, is mediated by an interferon-stimulated response element in the promoter region [ 27 ] . The gene was independently identified in a search for novel interferon-inducible genes in the mouse (Dron, M., Meritet, J.F.

  • Interestingly, among them we noted a further upregulation of MHC molecules and other interferon-inducible factors.

  • In a separate experiment, Kheradmand's team showed that lung lymphocytes taken from patients with emphysema secreted more of three other proteins—interferon gamma, monokine induced by interferon (MIG), and interferon-inducible protein 10 (IP-10)—than control patients.

  • Murine podocytes immortalized with interferon-inducible temperature-sensitive SV-40 T antigen ( ts -SV-40 T) were isolated and infected with replication incompetent GFP-expressing HIV-1 virus, replication incompetent GFP-expressing single-gene mutants of HIV-1, or replication incompetent GFP-expressing control lentivirus containing GFP but no HIV-1 genes as previously described [ 7 8 ] . In all cases, 70% to 80% of podocytes showed GFP expression 4 days post infection (data not shown).

  • Interferon-inducible protein 10 (IP-10), monokine induced by interferon gamma (MIG), and interferon-inducible T cell alpha chemoattractant (I-TAC) are three known ligands for CXCR3 produced by normal and injured epithelial cells and T cells that are required for homing of Th1 cells [27,28,29].

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