Example sentences for: inserting

How can you use “inserting” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • A non-HSV gene template (pSV110) was constructed by taking the plasmid pSVβgal (Promega) and inserting the HSV-1 origin of replication (ori S ) SmaI fragment [ 5 ] . The plasmid pTK1 contains HSV-1 SC16 sequence coordinates 45,055-48,634 subcloned into the HindIII / EcoRI site of pUC19 (Invitrogen).

  • N-terminal deletions, in addition to the series obtained through two-hybrid screening, were constructed by amplifying the two-hybrid cDNA clones using primers containing Sma I and EcoR I at the N- and C-terminus, respectively, and inserting them into both pPC86 and pGEX-2TK vectors.

  • John Drewe "authenticated" paintings by infiltrating museum archives and inserting documents about artworks' provenance.

  • p(NFAT) 3 -E1b-CAT, used as template DNA in the in vitro transcription assays, was created by inserting three direct copies of the murine IL-4 high affinity NFAT site (region -82 to -64 of the murine IL-4 promoter) into the Xba I site of plasmid E1b-CAT.

  • Harnett's practice of inserting newspaper headlines among his tacked-up objects turns up in Braque and Juan Gris, their way of asserting both the up-to-dateness of their art and the background noise of World War I.

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