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  • 5 target sites like other Fnr-regulated class II promoters [ 16 ] . By analogy to the CAP transcription regulator [ 17 18 ] , the proposed mechanism for Fnr activation of gene expression involves its ability to promote open complex formation by RNA polymerase [ 13 16 19 ] . As suggested by the appearance of DNase I hypersensitive cleavage sites, a change in the DNA conformation occurs upon Fnr binding at the dmsA promoter [ 7 8 ] . The presence of hypersensitive DNase I cleavage sites at other FNR-regulated promoters as well as DNA bending experiments support this conclusion [ 8 20 ] . Furthermore, recent studies propose the protein-protein interaction of σ 70and Fnr at the narG and dmsA promoters [ 7 21 22 23 ] . Finally, for each of the site-directed mutations of the Fnr binding site in this study, the level of dmsA-lacZ expression was not significantly altered in an fnr deletion strain either aerobically or anaerobically, indicating that the Fnr-independent expression from the dmsA promoter was not affected by the sequence alterations (Figure 1).

  • dmsA-lacZ expression, single basepair insertions were introduced at position -35 (λJA448 and λJA449).

  • A 3-fold increase in anaerobic activation of dmsA-lacZ expression was observed for the consensus Fnr site (300-fold) relative to the 114-fold anaerobic activation by Fnr seen for the native dmsA sequence (Figure 1, λJA303 and λJA250, respectively).

  • A single base substitution in the left half-site when combined with the Fnr consensus sequence at the right half-site exhibited a 138-fold activation of dmsA-lacZ expression (Figure 1, λJA450), an induction equivalent to the wild-type dmsA promoter that has the symmetrical deviation in the right half-site (ca.

  • In addition, β-galactosidase assays revealed that the 10-fold nitrate dependent repression of dmsA-lacZ expression was unaffected by the deletion of upstream DNA sequence to -71 relative to the start of dmsA transcription, further pinpointing the location of the 5' end of the NarL recognition site for dmsA (data not shown).

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