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  • Diploid birds with one or three sex chromosomes were last reported 70 years ago [ 19], but triploid birds with ZZZ and ZZW karyotypes have been observed.

  • Precocious separation of sister chromatids during MI [ 44 46 ] can also produce diploid meiotic products, 67% of which would be heterozygous for centromere markers (Figure 5D) [ 38 ] . However, the average heterozygosities in the rec12-117 and rec12-D15 mutants were significantly below this value, indicating that these mutants must have suffered some proportion of MII segregation errors.

  • The same crosses were also used to determine if Tab +was recessive or dominant: for every tab mutant, haploid cdc15Δ tab [pMET3-cdcl5-2, URA3] and diploid cdc15Δ/cdc15Δ tab/+ [pMET3-cdc15-2, URA3 ] cells were pre-grown on YPD (1% yeast extract/2% peptone + 2% glucose) at 25°C for 2-3 days, spotted in 5-fold serial dilutions onto SD+5-FOA plates, and the number of 5-FOA resistant colonies from the diploid was divided by that from the haploid to obtain ratio P. The mutant was defined to be dominant if P= 0.1-1, semi-dominant if P= 0.01-0.

  • For instance, an asexual strain of Dugesia (S) mediterranea exhibits morphological heteromorphosis in the third pair of chromosomes [ 4 ] . Worms belonging to different asexual strains of Dugesia japonica and Girardia (formerly Dugesia ) tigrina are triploid or mixoploid, while sexual strains are diploid [ 5 6 ] . Asexual strains are represented by independent populations that propagate only by fission.

  • Identification of diploid spore colonies and their haploidization with m -flourophenylalanine ( m -FPA) [ 55 ] were as described [ 38 ] . Fifty haploidized colonies derived from each diploid spore colony were replica plated to differentially supplemented minimal media to genotype the

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