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How can you use “diploidy” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Mating, meiosis, and preparation of free spores were as described [ 54 55 65 ] . Intergenic and intragenic recombinant frequencies were determined as described [ 38 65 ] . Because diploid spores could contain complementing markers and be mistaken for recombinants, we tested all spore colonies for diploidy by replica plating on complete media containing Phloxin-B (YEA-B).

  • Cdk-1 is believed to regulate the G2 checkpoint of the cell cycle and is required to maintain diploidy.

  • Since S. pombe contains only three chromosome pairs, aberrant assortment during one or both of the meiotic divisions can produce, by chance, a significant fraction of meiotic products that receive at least one copy of each chromosome and are hence viable [ 38 43 ] . Aberrant segregation can also produce nullisomic aneuploids (missing one or more chromosomes), polysomic aneuploids (having additional copies of individual chromosomes), and diploids [ 38 39 44 ] . In S. pombe the haploids and diploids are viable, nullisomic aneuploids are inviable, and disomic aneuploids tend to lose the extra chromosome or chromosomes and become haploid [ 45 ] . We therefore determined the frequencies of spore viability and meiotic diploidy as genetic measures of chromosome segregation errors.

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