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How can you use “diminishing” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • In the basal plate, EVT also exhibited strong (solid arrow) and diminishing ERβ immunoreactivity (white arrow, Fig.

  • The predicted topological organization consists of six transmembrane domains with a hydrophobic loop between the fifth and sixth domain which lines the ion conducting pore [ 17 ] . VR1 has been expressed heterologously in several cell lines and has intrinsic sensitivity to thermal stimuli and to capsaicin (a pungent extract of the Capsicum pepper family) [ 18 ] . VR1 does not discriminate among monovalent cations [ 19 ] ; however, it exhibits a notable preference for divalent cations with a permeability sequence of Ca 2+> Mg 2+> Na +≈ K +≈ Cs + [ 9 ] . Ca 2+is especially important to VR1 function, as extracellular Ca 2+mediates desensitization [ 20 21 ] , a process which enables a neuron to adapt to specific stimuli by diminishing its overall response to a particular chemical or physical signal.

  • Above this rises a tower of 13 diminishing golden disks symbolizing the 13 steps to enlightenment, then a golden royal parasol topped by a bell-shaped crown.

  • But even Alfred Marshall--the Victorian economist who invented supply and demand as we know it--was well aware that while diminishing returns are a good assumption for agriculture (The more wheat you try to grow, the worse the land on which the marginal bushel is grown), elsewhere in the economy it is quite possible to have increasing returns, in which the more you produce, the easier it gets.

  • Those Psychic Friends programs had probably reached a point of diminishing returns, but Inphomation was stuck in an old mindset--a classic case of a company not realizing that what had made it successful would not keep it successful in the future.

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