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  • As several IF proteins, including desmin, have been implicated in human genetic disorders such as dominant and recessive congenital and adult onset myopathies [ 15, 16, 17, 18], desmuslin becomes a candidate to be involved in myopathies as well.

  • While the PCR amplicon probes for 14-3-3 protein theta, desmin and thymosin beta-4 generated higher signals than the corresponding oligonucleotide elements, the converse was observed for 14-3-3 protein gamma, histone H4 and profilin.

  • The selected probes included SCG10 and desmin, which were highly differentially expressed in brain and heart, respectively; 14-3-3-gamma and profilin which were expressed at around twofold higher levels in brain and heart, respectively; and histone H4, 14-3-3-theta and thymosin beta-4, which showed no difference in expression between brain and heart.

  • These included histone H4, which did not exhibit differential expression in the two tissues (log 2 ratio around 0); cytochrome oxidase IV, kynurenine 3-hydroxylase, serine/threonine protein kinase and 14-3-3 protein gamma which exhibited two- to threefold differences (log 2 ratio = 1 to 1.6); and desmin which was around 32-fold differentially expressed between the two tissues (log 2 ratio approximately 5).

  • Desmuslin is hypothesized to function as a mechanical support to the muscle myofibers by making a previously unrecognized linkage between the extracellular matrix via the DAPC and the Z-discs through desmin and plectin [ 14].

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