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  • Figure 3ashows the average values of four independent transformation experiments with constructs containing (from left to right): intact extended ars3002 (Ext), ~50-bp deletions Δ1-Δ22, core ars3002 (lacking the replication enhancer), and vector alone.

  • To test this hypothesis and to determine if phosphorylation of a distinct region of HA-NFATp was responsible for aberrant migration in SDS gels, we expressed and purified full-length HA-NFATp and three deletions: HA-NFATp(331-921), HA-NFATp(1-722), and HA-NFATp(331-722).

  • 3 region to which RASSF1A maps undergoes deletions in many solid tumor types, including GCTs [ 9 ] . RASSF1A encodes a splice variant of human RAS effector homologue, which interacts with the XPA protein and functions as a negative regulator of cell growth [ 16 17 ] . RASSF1A has been shown to be inactivated by promoter methylation in a variety of tumor types [ 16 17 18 19 ] . The 17q21 and 17p13 regions, to which BRCA1 and HIC1 map, respectively, also have been characterized by high frequency of LOH in GCT [ 9 ] . The BRCA 1 gene plays critical roles in DNA repair and recombination, cell cycle checkpoint control, and transcription and has been shown to be hypermethylated in breast-ovarian cancer [ 4 ] . The HIC1 gene is also often hypermethylated in many human cancers [ 20 21 22 ] . The DNA repair gene MGMT encodes O(6)-methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase and this enzyme effectively removes DNA adducts formed by alkylating agents [ 23 ] . Epigenetic inactivation of the MGMT gene was reported in a wide variety of cancers [ 24 25 ] . Also, a low frequency of methylation of the APC , RARB , and FHIT genes was detected in NSGCTs.

  • In contrast, deletions of two ~100-bp stretches (Δ16-17 and Δ20-21) severely reduce both colony size and transformation frequency (Fig.

  • For example, deletions of over 20 kb and 20 loci have occurred in natural isolates of E. coli that are very closely related on the basis of sequence homology [ 40].

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