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  • These include, PDCD6 , a protein that plays a role in T cell receptor-, FAS-, and glucocorticoid-induced cell death [ 11 ] ; TERT , a gene that encodes a reverse transcriptase component of telomerase, dysfunction of which promotes chromosomal instability [ 12 ] ; and TRIP13 , a thyroid hormone receptor interacting protein that binds with the human papillomavirus type 16 (HPV16) E1 protein [ 13 ] . We have identified POLS gene that encodes a DNA polymerase sigma, and plays a role in DNA replication and sister chromatid cohesion at the proximal minimal deleted region [ 14 ] . We performed a semi-quantitative RT-PCR analysis of all four genes ( PDCD6 , TERT , TRIP13 , and POLS ) in eight CC cell lines and did not find evidence for lack of or down regulated expression compared to normal cervix (Fig.

  • These experiments showed that enhancers deleted for each of the ~50-bp stretches within the enhancer were nevertheless capable of stimulating core ars3002 . Thus, none of the ~50-bp stretches within the enhancer is essential for enhancer activity.

  • This primer is located within the last 35 bp of exon 7, and therefore is deleted in all of the exon 7-containing mutant transcripts already described (see Table 1, Table 2, and Figure 3).

  • In contrast, overexpression of F-box deleted SKP2 did not result in a decline of p27 (Fig.

  • In a typical cross-validation analysis (i) the data are randomly split into ten samples each with 10% of the data, (ii) one of the 10% samples is deleted, (iii) the statistic is computed by applying the classification rule recalculated from the remaining 90% of the sample to the deleted 10% sample and (iv) an average is taken of the statistic over all ten 10% samples [ 22 ] . Although one could use a different fraction than 10%, ROC computation it is not possible with the most extreme version of cross-validation that involves leaving out one subject at a time.

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