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  • The phagocytes of such patients are deficient in their capacity to kill organisms by oxidative means because of a defective NADPH oxidase [ 17 18 ] . B. cepacia also poses a threat to patients with CF, either cocolonizing those already infected with P. aeruginosa or as the sole infecting agent [ 2 18 ] . Although rates of colonization can vary widely (between 5 and 70%), B. cepacia is isolated from sputum in only 10%-20% of patients with CF [ 2 3 ] . B. cepacia , a very diverse species, has been divided into several "classes" of bacteria, i.e., genomovars, collectively referred to as the B. cepacia complex.

  • First, defective tolerance from skewed X inactivation should only be directed at X-linked antigens that are polymorphic, and for which the individual is heterozygous.

  • It has been speculated that an abnormality of translocation of 3-MGC acid across the mitochondrial membrane may be the source of 3-MGC aciduria in these patients [ 23 ] . The link between 3-MGC aciduria and mitochondrial dysfunction may involve failure of mitochondrial uptake of 3-MGC acid or potentially defective ubiquinone biosynthesis leading to increased levels of mevalonate in the mevalonate shunt pathway with subsequent increased synthesis of 3-MGC acid [ 27 ] .

  • Interestingly, by simply replacing Smad1 with the Smad1 mutant Smad1G419S [ 40 ] , which is defective in binding to BMP type I receptor for receptor-mediated phosphorylation and the subsequent nuclear translocation, SNIP1 degradation was also inhibited (Fig.

  • Therefore, the defective generation of IL-4 producers from RA synovial fluid under conditions that induced IL-4-producing effector cells from blood memory T cells suggested that the rheumatoid microenviroment played an important role in selecting or modifying the precursor effector memory population.

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