Example sentences for: decays

How can you use “decays” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Even when the average neutrality decays quickly as one moves away from the reference sequence, the corresponding value of β indicates at most a very slight tendency toward synergistic epistasis.

  • When the size of each group is plotted against its usage, the distribution can be approximated to a power-law function; that is, the number of words (N) with a given occurrence (F) decays according to the equation N = aF - b . This distribution has a linear appearance when plotted on double-logarithmic axes, where -b describes the slope.

  • Botulism is caused by the toxins excreted from bacteria that sometimes occurs naturally when vegetable matter decays anaerobically (without oxygen) under the mud.

  • All trajectories show the same qualitative behavior: The mutant frequency decays quickly during the initial passages, and then levels off in mutation-selection balance.

  • Grapes must be pressed, fermented, blended, and aged to make wine, so it's better described as a semi-processed food product--one whose quality is shaped as it sits and decays in vats, barrels, and bottles.

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