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How can you use “decatenation” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • The presence of this decatenation loop instead of the Zn(II) binding ZD domain in topoisomerase III may account for the dominance of the decatenation activity over the relaxation activity.

  • The transesterification domains of these eukaryotic enzymes have high degrees of identity to E. coli DNA topoisomerase III [ 7 37 ] . However, the decatenation loop is not present in the eukaryotic topoisomerase III sequences and to date the decatenation activity has not been demonstrated for these enzymes.

  • The double-stranded DNA-binding activity in E. coli topoisomerase III required for highly efficient decatenation activity is attributed to a 17-amino-acid residue with no counterpart in E. coli topoisomerase I [ 28 29 ] . It may be required for interaction with the passing double-strand of DNA in the decatenation mechanism.

  • The relaxation and decatenation activities of T. maritima topoisomerase I appear to be significantly more efficient than those of the E. coli topoisomerase I [ 33 ] . Based on their primary sequences, a number of bacterial topoisomerase I enzymes do not appear to coordinate any Zn(II) with tetracysteines motifs while other type IA topoisomerase has up to 4 tetracysteine motifs [ 7 ] . The topoisomerase I from Mycobacterium smegmatis has been demonstrated biochemically not to bind Zn(II) [ 34 ] . In contrast, mutation disrupting the fourth Zn(II) motif of Helicobacter pylori topoisomerase I abolished enzyme function in vivo [ 35 ] . Therefore there may be significant differences in the mechanisms of type IA topoisomerases from different organisms with respect to requirement of Zn(II) binding for relaxation activity.

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