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  • There are two homologous type IA topoisomerases present in E. coli . Topoisomerase III has potent DNA decatenating activity for resolution of plasmid DNA replication intermediates, but much weaker relaxation activity than topoisomerase I [ 17 ] . To exhibit maximal relaxation activity, topoisomerase III requires high temperature (52°C) along with low magnesium and monovalent ion [ 17 18 ] . In contrast, E. coli topoisomerase I was not active in the in vitro assay for resolution of plasmid DNA replication intermediates [ 19 ] . Removal of the C-terminal 49 amino acids from the 653 amino acid topoisomerase III protein resulted in drastic reduction of catalytic activity [ 20 ] . Fusion of the carboxyl-terminal 312 amino acid residues of E. coli topoisomerase I, which includes the entire ZD domain, onto the 605 N-terminal amino acids of topoisomerase III generated a hybrid topoisomerase that has relaxation activity resembling topoisomerase III along with weak decatenating activity [ 21 ] . Although preferring single-stranded DNA as binding substrate, topoisomerase I had been shown to also bind double-stranded DNA [ 22 ] , but there is no data available to indicate which domain in the enzyme is responsible for this interaction.

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