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  • Local perturbations of chromatin structure can specifically affect the accessibility and/or function of transcriptional regulatory proteins that bind DNA sequences in the region where histone acetylation or deacetylation took place [ 44].

  • Whereas both these enzymes are derived versions of the Rossmann fold and bind a dinucleotide cofactor, the SWIRM amino oxidase proteins do not possess equivalents of the unique inserts with residues that allow the SIR2-like proteins to catalyze the deacetylation reaction.

  • A highly ordered chromatin structure presents a physical obstacle for gene transcription; presumably by limiting the access of transcription factors and RNA polymerase II core machinery to target DNA [ 82 83 ] . In concert with the observation that corepressors are associated with HDAC activities [ 84 85 ] , it appears that the transcriptional outcome of nuclear receptors is determined by the balance of histone acetylation and deacetylation activities, and that ligands serve as a switch to recruit HATs with the concomitant dismissal of HDACs.

  • It is also conceivable that the FAD cofactor of these enzymes functions analogously to NAD, in a deacetylation reaction of acetyllysines similar to that carried out by Sir2 enzymes [ 47].

  • The protein product of the mdm2 oncogene is over-expressed in a considerable number of tumors [ 27 ] . This protein is a pivotal negative regulator of p53 [ 27 ] ; it interacts with the P53 protein masking its transcriptional domain and accelerating its proteasomal degradation [ 21 27 ] . The later process involves the deacetylation and ubiquitylation of the p53 protein by mdm2 [ 28 ] . Inactivation and/or degradation of p53 diminishes the cell ability to undergo apoptosis [ 21 ] . Conversely, p53 may influence mdm2.

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