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  • Both transcriptional and post-translational controls have been implicated in the operation of the Mitotic Exit Network and the regulation of the anaphase/telophase -> G1 transition [ 40 7 19 41 ] . To address whether the portion of the MEN that acts downstream of CDC15 can trigger a key aspect of the anaphase/telophase -> G1 transition (i.e.

  • By contrast, Cdc14 was released from the nucleolus in the great majority of wild type cells by late anaphase.

  • Upon initiation of chromosome segregation, Cdc5 promotes the transient 'Cdc14 early anaphase release' [ 26 ] . Our data suggest that Cdc5 can promote FEAR by directly phosphorylating Net1 as well as other yet-to-be-identified FEAR factors.

  • The origin of single, unpaired chromatids in MII oocytes has been proposed to result from premature separation of sister chromatids prior to anaphase I [ 56 57 ] . The possibility exists that both SC and aneuploidy may have originated from PCS of homologues and sister chromatids during the MAT of meiosis I. Upon removal of MG-132 from the culture media during meiosis I and the subsequent resumption of OM and proteasomal activity, faulty kinetochore-microtubule attachment accompanied by degradation of cohesion proteins could conceivably lead to PCS of homologues and sister chromatids.

  • Cdc5 participates in disassembly of the RENT complex during anaphase

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