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  • Abnormal chromosome segregation has been observed in mice lacking the Mad2 checkpoint protein [ 25 ] . The spindle checkpoint utilizes sensory proteins that detect kinetochore-microtubule tension and occupancy and transiently block anaphase until all of the chromosomes are properly attached to microtubules [ 16 26 27 ] . Although the mammalian spindle checkpoint appears to differ between mitosis and meiosis, the two meiotic divisions, and male and female germ cells [ 28 ] , anaphase subsequently follows stable kinetochore-microtubule attachments [ 17 29 ] in both vertebrate mitotic [ 30 ] and meiotic [ 31 ] cells.

  • The possibility exists that the observed homologue separation may actually reflect anaphase onset.

  • The net1(19m') allele also showed a synthetic growth defect when combined with dbf2-1 . These observations imply that some of the residues mutated in net1(19m') represent in vivo phosphorylation sites that influence the MEN-dependent release of Cdc14 during anaphase.

  • It was reported that in early anaphase, Cdc14 is transiently released from the nucleolus by the action of the FEAR pathway, but quickly returns to the nucleolus unless the MEN is activated to promote sustained release of Cdc14 and subsequent exit from mitosis.

  • While this manuscript was under consideration, Cdc5 was shown to be involved in promoting 'Cdc14 early anaphase release' (FEAR, [ 26 ] ). FEAR is a transient phenomenon that depends on Cdc5, but does not depend upon other components of the MEN pathway.

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