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  • The possibility that domoic acid may activate neonatal microglia both in vitro and in vivo is suggested by recent observations with kainic acid, a domoic acid and glutamate analog that can induce upregulation of neonatal microglia scavenger receptor mRNA [ 22 ] and tissue plasminogen activator release [ 23 ] . The putative molecular explanation for these observations has been that kainic acid activates the ionotropic AMPA glutamate GluR4 subunit which has recently been shown to be expressed by activated microglia following transient forebrain ischemia in vivo [ 24 ] . Because this subunit of the AMPA glutamate receptor has affinity for domoic acid [ 25 26 27 ] , we hypothesized that domoic acid might activate neonatal microglia in vitro and lead to concomitant mediator release [ 21 ] .

  • To measure DHPR charge movements and to separate these charge movements from those produced by other voltage-gated channels, a) ionic currents were blocked; b) the linear component of the cell capacity was subtracted using a P/4 procedure and by analog compensation; and c) we used a pulse protocol that eliminated the immobilization-sensitive charge movements from voltage-gated Na +channels and presumably also from T-type Ca 2+channels.

  • Examples for analog techniques representing mRNA expression patterns are subtractive cDNA libraries [ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ] and the Differential Display method and its derivatives [ 9 10 11 12 ] . Macro- and microarrays [ 13 ] are rapidly becoming the analog method of choice, mainly due to their high throughput in data production which allows complex biological questions to be addressed.

  • The six domains of the first visual analog scale and the Karnofsky score are hereafter referred to as 'attributes'.

  • Reliability estimates for visual analog scaling items range from 0.40 to 0.95 [ 11], and these estimates compare favorably with those for other scales [ 12, 13].

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