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  • Stress proteins have been shown to be expressed in non-stressed cells during development and differentiation [ 25 ] . Hsps were shown to be expressed during the differentiation of mammalian osteoblasts and promelocytic leukemia cells [ 26 ] . In addition, hsp expression has been shown to accompany growth arrest in human B lymphocytes [ 27 ] and macrophage differentiation of HL 60 cells [ 28 ] . During myogenic differentiation, mRNA for alphaB increases in conjunction with the induction of mRNA for myogenin, the earliest known event in myogenesis [ 29 ] . The addition of exogenous alpha-crystallin to primary bovine lens epithelium was shown to induce rapid changes in cell shape, leading to the formation of lentoid bodies [ 21 ] . These studies strongly suggest that the hsp family of proteins has other functions in addition to protecting proteins and cells during stress.

  • There is extensive evidence from previous studies demonstrating that alpha-crystallin plays a role in the cytoskeletal organization.

  • In the single alpha-crystallin knockout mice, the remaining alpha-crystallin may fully or partially compensate for some of the functions of the missing protein, especially in the lens, where both alphaA and alphaB are normally expressed at high levels.

  • One approach to resolving some of the in vivo functions of alpha-crystallin is to generate animal models where one or both of the alpha-crystallin gene products have been eliminated.

  • A much broader scope of cellular functions of alpha-crystallin in lens is inferred from in vitro observations.

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