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  • Stress proteins have been shown to be expressed in non-stressed cells during development and differentiation [ 25 ] . Hsps were shown to be expressed during the differentiation of mammalian osteoblasts and promelocytic leukemia cells [ 26 ] . In addition, hsp expression has been shown to accompany growth arrest in human B lymphocytes [ 27 ] and macrophage differentiation of HL 60 cells [ 28 ] . During myogenic differentiation, mRNA for alphaB increases in conjunction with the induction of mRNA for myogenin, the earliest known event in myogenesis [ 29 ] . The addition of exogenous alpha-crystallin to primary bovine lens epithelium was shown to induce rapid changes in cell shape, leading to the formation of lentoid bodies [ 21 ] . These studies strongly suggest that the hsp family of proteins has other functions in addition to protecting proteins and cells during stress.

  • [ 22 ] demonstrated, by targeted disruption of the mouse alphaA gene, that this protein was essential for the maintenance of lens transparency, possibly by maintaining the solubility of alphaB, or associated proteins, in the lens.

  • This process did not appear to have proceeded normally in lenses lacking alphaA and alphaB.

  • It is unlikely that these alterations in alphaA/BKO mouse lenses result from increased susceptibility of these lenses to light-induced damage in the absence of the molecular chaperone protection afforded by alphaA and alphaB in normal lenses.

  • The relative proportion of alphaA and alphaB changes from a molar ratio of 1:3 in the pericentral and germative zones to a molar ratio of 3:1 in the elongation zone and fiber cells [ 2 3 ] . These differences in the relative proportions of alphaA and alphaB within the lens suggest different functions for the two subunits in the developing lens.

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