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  • The relative proportion of alphaA and alphaB changes from a molar ratio of 1:3 in the pericentral and germative zones to a molar ratio of 3:1 in the elongation zone and fiber cells [ 2 3 ] . These differences in the relative proportions of alphaA and alphaB within the lens suggest different functions for the two subunits in the developing lens.

  • Both alphaA and alphaB can bind specifically to actin, both in vitro [ 13 ] and in vivo [ 14 ] . Actin filament formation has been shown to be necessary for the differentiation of lens epithelial cells [ 15 ] , however, the significance of alpha-crystallin interaction with actin in differentiation is not known.

  • AlphaA and alphaB are members of the shsp family [ 7 ] . Previous studies have shown that the alpha-crystallin possesses molecular chaperone activity, binding to partially denatured proteins, both in vitro [ 5 ] and probably in vivo [ 6 ] , to inhibit further denaturation.

  • The morphological observations presented in this study demonstrate that fiber cells in lenses lacking alphaA and alphaB fail to elongate symmetrically from the bow region and therefore do not establish the typical "onion skin" conformation in which cells extend from the anterior epithelium to the posterior capsule.

  • It is unlikely that these alterations in alphaA/BKO mouse lenses result from increased susceptibility of these lenses to light-induced damage in the absence of the molecular chaperone protection afforded by alphaA and alphaB in normal lenses.

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