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  • A mutant allele, rad26.T12 , genetically separates these functions, since rad26.T12 cells can undergo checkpoint-induced cell cycle arrest but fail to recover and lose viability [ 13 40 ] . To determine if spots and speckles are associated with these different Rad26 functions, we tagged the C-terminus of Rad26.T12 with GFP using the same primers and method that we used to tag Rad26 (see Methods).

  • In 127 multiplex SLE pedigrees, the best evidence for linkage was at D1S229, with the greatest extent of allele sharing in the white families at the D1S2616 marker.

  • Similarly, OCP ligation/ERCA can be used to accurately genotype PCR products in a biallelic format, where the probes for both alleles are present in a single reaction [ 3 ] . The OCP ligation/ERCA method is based on ligation dependent circularization of allele specific DNA probes followed by exponential rolling circle amplification of the circularized probes [ 4 5 ] . ERCA probes have also been variously described as 'padlock probes' [ 6 7 ] or 'circularizable probes' [ 4 ] . Although OCP ligation/ERCA can be used to genotype PCR products, it also provides a means for directly genotyping genomic DNA without requiring an initial amplification of the genomic DNA locus.

  • In two tumours, the researchers sequenced the complete coding region of the remaining wild-type allele and showed it was structurally intact.

  • Moreover, direct estimates of the allele-specific effects of heterozygosity (relative to the corresponding homozygotes), nearly absent in the infectious disease-HLA literature, are frequently found in studies of HLA genotype and chronic (mostly autoimmune) diseases [ 28 29 30 ] . We do not know the reason for this difference in approach, but suspect that some infectious disease investigators, informed by the evolutionary hypothesis of overdominance for infectious disease resistance and by animal studies, may have a special interest in detecting effects of heterozygosity per se . Many studies of HLA-autoimmune disease associations, on the other hand, seem to focus more on the effects of individual alleles and, having established these, move on to investigate the dependence of these effects on genetic modifiers, including the identity of the individual's other allele at the same locus.

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