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  • Multiple alignments were constructed using the T-Coffee program [ 32], followed by manual correction based on the PSI-BLAST results.

  • Multiple alignments of amino-acid sequences were carried out using CLUSTALW computer algorithms [ 23 ] . The aligned sequences were further analysed, either by the distances method (Neighbor-Joining program) or by the parsimony method (Protpars program, not shown).

  • The major bacterial lineages are poorly resolved in rRNA-based trees [ 2 29 ] and those built using alignments of RNA polymerase subunits [ 30 ] and translation elongation factors [ 29 31 ] . In the currently accepted taxonomy, which is based primarily (but not exclusively) on 16S RNA phylogenetic analysis, bacterial lineages that are suggested by this analysis to form higher-level clusters, tend to form primary nodes under Bacteria (Chlamydiales, Spirochetales, Cyanobacteria, the Thermus-Deinococcus group, Aquificales, Thermotogales).

  • The alignments generated in these searches consistently pointed to a region of approximately 150 amino acids that is conserved in all these proteins, with a characteristic motif of the form: GuXXoYhp + YXhXXhh (where G is glycine, Y-tyrosine, u is a tiny residue, h-hydrophobic, p is a polar residue, o is an alcohol residue, + is a basic residue, and X is any residue; Fig.

  • A gamma distance was used for all trees, with α estimated from the entire data set [ 45 ] . An analysis involving combined protein alignments was performed with maximum likelihood [ 50 ] , neighbor joining [ 49 51 ] , and maximum parsimony [ 51 ] , using bootstrapping.

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