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  • Conditioned medium factor (CMF) is a 80 kDa glycoprotein that is essential for early development [ 3 4 10 ] . CMF is sequestered in vegetative cells and is secreted upon starvation [ 4 ] . A critical concentration of extracellular CMF is required for subsequent development as CMF is involved in regulating aggregation, cAMP pulsing, and early developmental events [ 2 3 11 ] .

  • An aggregation of hardware and/or software that isConfiguration designated for configuration management and treatedItem as a single entity in the configuration management

  • The claim that such turbidity did not affect 13C-NMR measurements [ 3 5 6 ] contrasts with evidence that even small multimers can change NMR chemical shifts [ 25 26 ] . It should be noted also that, at high concentrations of B =, extensive, reversible self-association of B =can lead to apparently stable supersaturation with no separation of an insoluble phase [ 2 ] . For example, at pH 8.5 and a UCB concentration of 20 μM (63 times S), the weight-average aggregation number of UCB has been found to be 7.17 [ 18 ] , corresponding to a molecular weight of 4,195.

  • Previous reports have demonstrated that ADP-ribosylation of B-lymphoid cell lines by C3 treatment inhibits phorbol ester induced cellular homotypic aggregation [ 18 ] . Also, phorbol ester and chemoattractant (IL-8 and fMLP) induced pre-B lymphoblastoid adhesion to VCAM-1 and neutrophil adhesion to fibrinogen was abrogated in a dose-dependent manner by C3 exoenzyme [ 36 ] . This may indicate that in cells of hematopoietic lineages, the induction of an increased adhesive state may be susceptible to regulation by Rho proteins.

  • However, several other researchers have reported that laminins including laminin-1 (LN1) also induce receptor aggregation in cultured mouse muscle cells [ 1 2 3 ] . At this time the LN1 stimulation pathway is not well understood, but it has been argued from several lines of evidence to be at least partially distinct from the agrin pathway.

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