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  • These observations can not be accounted for by differences in exposure to ACV and PCV since oral administration of VCV and FCV results in almost identical blood concentration-time curves for ACV and PCV [ 11 ] . A more probable explanation is that ACV is approximately four-fold more potent than PCV in murine cells [ 21 ] .

  • Although passage 3 preparation contains a two log increase in resistant virus compared to passage 2, this level is insufficient to significantly increase the IC 50 . Consistent with the failure to establish an infection refractory to treatment, the proportion of resistant virus decreased to 0.08% PCV rand 0.05% ACV rby passage 5.

  • Resistance to acyclovir (ACV) or penciclovir (PCV) generally arises by a single base mutation in either the HSV thymidine kinase (TK) or DNA polymerase (Pol) gene [for a review, see reference [ 5 ] ]. Unlike Pol, TK is not essential for virus replication in cell culture [ 7 ] , although in vivo analyses implicate it in HSV virulence, pathogenicity and reactivation from latency [ 4 8 16 22 ] . Since ACV and PCV are dependent upon HSV TK for monophosphorylation, an event obligatory for the formation of the active triphosphate inhibitor [ 14 ] , ACV risolates often exhibit high levels of cross-resistance to PCV [ 2 3 ] .

  • Interestingly, although 14-P4 was resistant, the third pass isolate for this sample was completely sensitive to both antiviral agents (ACV IC 50 = 0.16 μg/ml; PCV IC 50 = 0.53 μg/ml).

  • Acyclovir has been in part superceded by the oral prodrugs valaciclovir (VCV) and famciclovir (FCV), the latter being the oral version of PCV [ 20 24 ] . No comparative studies of the emergence of resistance following sub-optimal VCV or FCV have been reported and therefore set out to to select for HSV-1 and HSV-2 isolates resistant to ACV and PCV after using prodrug selection.

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