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  • Thus, there was neither a bias toward nor against truncated GFP molecules arising from insert stop codons in this population of activators.

  • Initial results showed that CAR is an apparently constitutive transactivator able to activate gene expression in the absence of exogenously added ligands [ 8 9 ] . The first CAR ligands identified, androstanol and androstenol, are inverse agonists that block this constitutive transactivation [ 10 ] . More recently, it has been found that CAR mediates the characteristic response of a subset of drug metabolizing enzymes to a variety of structurally unrelated foreign compounds [ 11 ] . These xenobiotic activators are referred to as "phenobarbital (PB) - like," based on the prototypic effects of the anti-epileptic agent on drug metabolism [ 12 13 14 ] . The most potent activator of murine CAR is the high affinity agonist ligand TCPOBOP (1,4-bis [2-(3,5-dichloropyridyloxy)]benzene) [ 15 16 ] .

  • [ 21 ] . The 5-fold lower frequency of activators in the lexA-GFP/peptide library may indicate a role for the C-terminal negative charge, the specific geometry, or the conformational flexibility of the fused (vs.

  • Indeed, as P-TEFb is a coactivator of potent activators that mediate effects of enhancers and can itself activate transcription when placed on sites distal to promoter elements [15], it might mediate many more signaling events than those of heat shock, ultraviolet light, stress, and hypertrophy.

  • demonstrated that homopolymeric stretches as short as 10 residues of glutamine or proline fused to the Gal4BD function as activators [ 25 ] . Finally, Lu et al.

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