Example sentences for: achiasmatic

How can you use “achiasmatic” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • The rec12 mutant meioses are achiasmatic and would thus be expected to suffer chromosome segregation errors during meiosis I. To gain insight into this possibility, asci from meiotic cultures were stained with a DNA specific fluorescent dye (DAPI) and visualized by differential interference contrast (DIC) and fluorescence microscopy.

  • Rec12 is required for chiasmatic and achiasmatic chromosome segregation during MI; and its active site tyrosine is required for chromosome segregation during MII

  • The rec12 null and active site mutants are achiasmatic and, as anticipated, Rec12-dependent crossovers (chiasmata) are required to ensure proper reductional chromosome segregation in MI.

  • If Rec12 were required for such a checkpoint, the null mutants would be achiasmatic, would fail to delay for the time period required to establish distributive segregation, and would consequently undergo high rates of MI nondisjunction.

  • In the absence of Rec12 protein and crossovers, a backup distributive (achiasmatic) segregation system operates successfully on up to half of the chromosomes that would otherwise undergo MI nondisjunction.

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