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  • Biskind's book, accordingly, concludes with a litany of spectacular flameouts: Coppola's Apocalypse Now and One From the Heart, Spielberg's 1941 , William Friedkin's Sorcerer, and, of course, Michael Cimino's Heaven's Gate . According to Mardik Martin, Scorsese's erstwhile writing partner (as quoted by Biskind): "The auteur theory killed all these people.

  • Accordingly, in our reports over the last several years, we have made dozens of specific recommendations to individual agencies.

  • Accordingly, the myristoylation results (Figure 6Aand 6B, lanes 5 and 6) strongly suggested that α i2 and sα i2 are translated equally well, as evidenced by similar levels of radiolabeled myristate incorporation during the labeling period, but sα i2 is more rapidly degraded, as seen by reduced steady-state levels of immunoprecipitated protein.

  • For example, there is not only affirmation by demonstration (ergo, hence, therefore, accordingly , but there is also documentation by postulation (it can be assumed, we can suppose) and also validation by synthesization (basically, in truth, in a very real sense) as well as verification by substitution (that is to say, in other words, in short) . Similarly, there is not only confutation by disputation (on the contrary, notwithstanding, however, nevertheless) , but there is also negation by concession (despite, although, allowing that) and also, not least, refutation by capitulation (it might be argued, it would be easy to conclude) .

  • Consequently it is necessary to adjust the percentage of delivery costs for these posts to the level it would be with six deliveries per week (as in the U.S.) When the percentage of delivery cost is increased or decreased for a given post, the percentage of mail processing cost is decreased or increased accordingly.

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