Example sentences for: abrupt

How can you use “abrupt” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • An LAT piece reefered on its front cites a rebellion of ambassadors from Third World countries "that helped bring the WTO summit to an abrupt and embarrassing halt."

  • But he was abrupt with her--not rude, just abrupt.

  • Maybe this whiff of fresh scandal was the deciding factor in Newt's abrupt withdrawal from the mud fight."

  • Those afferents that exhibited a pause in discharge frequency as the extrafusal fibers contracted ("silent period") were classified as muscle spindles [ 24 25 ] . Primary muscle spindles were differentiated from secondary muscle spindles with the satisfaction of at least two out of three criteria tested on every afferent: 1) a conduction velocity > 75 m/sec; 2) an increase in discharge frequency at 100 μm displacement reflecting a low stretch threshold; 3) an abrupt decrease in frequency discharge at the end of stretch that returned to L init static discharge levels.

  • First, the abrupt end of the original data set followed by a string of zeros creates a sharp discontinuity and this artifact can cause problems in the resultant spectrum in the form of "side lobes" [ 47 48 ] . One strategy for addressing this problem is to apply so-called smoothing or weighting functions to make the drop to zero less precipitous and reduce the appearance in the spectrum of the resultant artifactual bands called side-lobes [ 47 48 37 ] . But techniques for side-lobe suppression are in themselves problematic.

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