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  • A search of the PDB database using the DALI program [ 61 ] , with this β-barrel from Thermus thermophilus β' subunit submitted as a query (pdb: 1iw7, chain D region: 625-749), retrieved the N-terminal domain of the CDC48-like AAA ATPases, formate dehydrogenases, aspartate decarboxylases and Barwin.

  • Using the program Modeller [ 26 ] , a homology model of the catalytic domain of Ppt1p was built based on three PP1 structures - PDB http://www.pdb.org [ 27 ] codes 1FJM [ 28 ] , 1IT6 [ 29 ] and 1JK7 [ 30 ] . This model shows that the catalytic face of Ppt1p is generally less acidic than that of PP1c γ and does not indicate the presence of other acidic residues that could act in the same fashion as those on PP1c γ.

  • For PDB structures 1gp4 and 1gp6 (putative leucoanthocyanidin dioxygenase, NCBI NR database 17 October 2001 release), 123D was able to correctly predict the fold to be similar to 1hig (clavaminate synthase-like SCOP superfamily).

  • The PDB was a summary of Intelligence report, planning by UBL to hijack U.S. airplane, Dec. 4, 1998.

  • A search with the APSES domain (PDB 1bm8) using the VAST program [ 22] detected significant structural alignments with both the LAGLIDADG and the TEN domains ( p approximately 10 -4).

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