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  • A search in the database of known protein structures employing the 'loop-search' algorithm of SYBYL yielded 100 loops, of which only five were sterically permissible.

  • Alternatively, recruitment of another protein to the mammalian COP1 RING finger may sterically hinder access of its NLS to the nuclear import machinery.

  • It is possible that in association with another protein or protein complex, the chaperone's KDEL sequence is sterically prevented from binding with ER retention receptors, and this allows the protein to be transported to the plasma membrane.

  • Two molecular loci recently have been implicated as potential modulators of GnRH receptor signaling: one is the receptor itself [ 23 ] , and the other is the G protein that transduces the signal generated by binding of the receptor to its agonist [ 9 ] . With respect to the former locus, G protein coupled receptor kinases (GRKs) act in an agonist-specific manner to phosphorylate intracellular regions of the receptor thus permitting β arrestin binding that sterically inhibits G protein association with the receptor [ 1 45 ] . We have reported previously that experimental expression of GRKs in GnRH receptor-expressing heterologous cells (COS-1) suppressed GnRH-stimulated IP 3 production, and that co-expression of GRK2 and β-arrestin 2 suppressed GnRH receptor signaling more than that of either alone [ 23 ] . Stronger evidence that the GRK/β arrestin paradigm may play a role in regulating GnRH receptor signaling is our recent finding that adenovirus-mediated gene transfer of GRK2 into normal pituitary gonadotropes suppressed GnRH-stimulated LH secretion and IP 3 production [ 31 ] . However, no evidence has been presented for a direct interaction between β-arrestin and the GnRH receptor.

  • Site b 1 must consequently be filled with a Chl a molecule [ 38 ] . The orientation of the transition moments of Chl b in sites b 5 and b 6 [ 38 ] suggest that an 'out-lying' Chl a molecule could coordinate with the formyl group of Chl b, a sterically more favorable arrangement than coordination to the 13 1-carbonyl oxygen because of the opposing orientations of the 13 2-carboxymethyl and 17-propionyl group (Fig.

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