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  • However, there may be cause for some optimism for the average mortal, since endurance exercise training in healthy humans leads to fiber-type specific increases in the abundance of PGC-1 and PPAR-α protein in skeletal muscle (Russell et al.

  • The PGC-1 related protein PERC also binds ERα preferentially, and potentiates ERα activity more strongly than that of ERβ [ 38 ] . We recently observed that ERα binds the C-terminal NR interacting regions of N-CoR and SMRT in the presence of SERMs but not estrogens [ 39 ] . In this study, we report that ERβ interactions with N-CoR and SMRT are promoted by agonists and inhibited by SERMs.

  • 4-AP decreased production of cAMP (Figure 3A), and expression of StAR by PGC-2 (Figure 3B).

  • PERC PGC-1 related estrogen receptor coactivator

  • Other NR coactivators include TRAP220 [ 7 ] , which is part of a larger complex (TRAP/DRIP/SMCC/mediator) that contacts the basal transcription machinery and PGC-1 [ 8 ] , a cold inducible coactivator that binds CBP and SRC-1 and proteins involved in RNA processing [ 9 ] . NR corepressors include NR corepressor (N-CoR) and silencing mediator of retinoid and thyroid responsive transcription (SMRT) [ 4 ] . Both N-CoR and SMRT repress transcription, at least in part, by binding to histone de-acetylases (HDACs) either directly or indirectly through other corepressor complex components.

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