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How can you use “perpendicular” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • In contrast, a neuroblast divides along the apical-basal axis, so that the axes of its mitotic spindles are perpendicular to the plane of the ectodermal layer.

  • The 51V hyperfine splitting spectra from molecules with V=O bond perpendicular to the magnetic field (A⊥) are much smaller and not shown here [ 21 ] . The intensity of -5/2 || peak is used as direct measurement of the amount of bound VO 2+, since this peak is the most intense peak in the EPR spectrum that contains contribution only from A || but not A⊥ [ 21 26 ] . In this study, the intensities of each bound VO 2+-EPR feature were normalized to 1 mg of protein.

  • The single cell-oocyte complex was sandwiched between the electrodes and oriented with the contact surface between the cytoplast and the donor cell perpendicular to the electrodes.

  • However, such primordial di-protomeric AAA polypeptides would have to have been simpler than those present in NSF, ClpA and p97 and other AAA proteins of the current era, for the latter assemble into two-tiered hexameric assemblies, with the axis joining the two protomers in each polypeptide oriented perpendicular to the plane of the hexameric ring [ 14 ] . We cannot, at present, exclude an alternative model for midasin structure in which the hexameric AAA ring assembly is a dimeric two-layered structure formed by two midasin polypeptides arranged laterally with all six odd-numbered protomers in one layer and all six even-numbered protomers in the other.

  • This value ranged from 0° to 90° where 0° indicates a neurite growing in parallel with the longitudinal axis of the underlying tract and 90° indicates a neurite oriented perpendicular to the tract.

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