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  • Pairwise comparisons of the K n /K s values for different clades revealed that the strength of selection was generally similar in bacterial, archaeal and eukaryotic sets of paralogous genes, although apparently stronger selection was observed among the yeast paralogs and weaker selection was seen in mammalian paralogs (Tables 1, 2).

  • Members of a gene family that share a common ancestor as a result of a duplication event are denoted as being paralogous, distinguishing them from orthologous genes in different genomes, which share a common ancestor as a result of a speciation event.

  • If there was such homogeneity of codon usage in paralogous genes, paralogs should show a greater correlation between codon bias and K s values than orthologs.

  • The proportions of paralogous pairs that evolved at significantly different rates in each of the analyzed clades are shown in Table 3. Thus, in the majority of cases at least, both paralogs evolved under similar levels of purifying selection, in agreement with the results of an early analysis of 17 pairs of paralogs from X. laevis and a more recent analysis of 19 pairs of paralogs in human and teleost lineages [ 9, 22].

  • The nucleotide sequence found at the 5' end of each paralogous repeat unit represents the region of highest identity among most family members (Figure 2).

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