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How can you use “paralog” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Of these 17 pseudogenes, 15 are recombinationally derived (with introns, in tandem to their functional paralogs), one ( Mgstl-Psi ) is retrotransposed (with a poly(A) tail, lacking introns which its functional paralog possesses), and one is too degenerate to classify definitively.

  • Aside from the broadly distributed primary pathway, highly specialized pathways are known that utilize some or all tryptophan-pathway enzymes, and these pathways can originate by recruitment of paralog genes derived from the primary-pathway genes [ 42].

  • As shown in Figure 2, both Anabaena and Nostoc exhibit the same relative order of operonic trp genes: trp Aa• trp Ab → trp D → trpEa → trpEb → trpB . trpAa and trpAb are fused, as indicated in Figure 2with a filled bar and in the text by the bullet in the notation: trpAa • trpAb . In Anabaena, qor (encoding NADPH: quinone reductase) has been inserted between trpD and trpEa . Another qor paralog is present elsewhere in the genome of Anabaena . Nostoc also has two qor paralogs, but neither resides within the tryptophan operon.

  • The paralog TrpAa•TrpAb protein of Anabaena sp (Asp_2) seems to have a distinctly different linker, and it maybe that the two fusions in Anabaena arose as two independent events.

  • This unconstrained paralog is then free to accumulate neutral mutations that would have been deleterious in a unique gene [ 1].

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