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  • All 12 sequences in this region have high similarity to the derived consensus sequence GXGXXG(7X)A(SX)GXGXXG(4X)D(9X)R, which defines a nucleotide binding motif [ 16 25 ] . In addition, all sequences have five residues, or conservative substitutions in the case of Pa-MoeB, shown to participate in the adenylation reaction catalyzed by Ec-MoeB (Figure 3) [ 7 ] . The fact that such high similarities are retained in the ThiF coding region across three bacterial divisions suggests that this domain functions more or less autonomously.

  • A similar search using Pa-MoeB as the query yielded 146 sequences with a domain structure similar to MoeB, most of which were entered into the database as MoeB, ThiF, HesA, or ubiquitin-activating enzymes from archaea, bacteria, and eukaryota.

  • The CaCO2 sample was labeled with Cy3 and the PA-1 sample was labeled with Cy5; genes that are expressed in colon at much higher levels will, therefore, have negative log-ratios and ovary genes will have positive log-ratios.

  • Ec-MoeB, Mt-MoeBR, Pa-MoeB, Pa-MoeBR, and Sc-MoeBR all contain two pairs of cysteine residues, each arranged in a CXXC motif and spaced 68-70 residues apart, like those in ThiF proteins (arrows in Figures 2cand 3).

  • Spotfinder data files (tab-delimited text files) and tables (Word files) showing (1) Differentially expressed genes in PA-1 and CaCO2 cell lines, and (2) genes differentially expressed in colon and ovary as determined using digital differential display to analyze sequence abundance in EST libraries deposited in dbEST, are available with as a zip file.

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