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  • For cultures utilizing lower levels of RANKL and low osteoclast numbers, densitometric quantitation of TRAP was a more sensitive measure of osteoclastogenesis (Fig.

  • While IFN-γ is not highly expressed in joints of patients with rheumatoid arthritis, diseases such as erosive tuberculoid leprosy [ 23 24 ] and psoriatic arthritis [ 25 ] are associated with high Th1 cytokines such as IFN-γ [ 26 ] . In these conditions, tissue destruction has been shown to correlate with Th1-mediated immune responses and the production of IFN-γ, indicating that osteoclastogenesis may occur in the presence of elevated IFN-γ [ 27 ] .

  • While the RANK-RANKL signal is absolutely required for osteoclastogenesis, the efficiency of this process is influenced by cytokines.

  • Although the role of the osteoclast in bone resorption is becoming better understood [ 1], much remains to be learned about osteoclastogenesis and the exact mechanism of action of anti-resorbing agents on the functional osteoclast.

  • Based on the phenotype of knockout mice, it has become clear that TRAF6 is the critical adapter molecule required for RANK signaling during osteoclastogenesis [ 35 ] . The importance of TRAF6 has been further explored in deletion studies, which correlated its various domains with its osteoclastogenic potential [ 46 ] . A link between IFN-γ and RANK signaling via TRAF6 has also been demonstrated in bone marrow cultures, in which IFN-γ was shown to accelerate the degradation of TRAF6 [ 38 ] . In our studies, however, we failed to observe this TRAF6 degradation, as its expression remained constant in both short-term and long-term cultures under conditions where IFN-γ completely inhibited osteoclastogenesis.

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