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How can you use “isoform-specific” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Compartmentation of PKC isoforms has been suggested as a mechanism for targeting selectivity near their physiological substrates [ 9 10 ] . Consistent with this theme of selectivity, work with isoform-specific antibodies demonstrated that PKC isoforms have distinct subcellular locations [ 11 ] .

  • Both ERs enhance transcription from genes with classical estrogen response elements (EREs), but ERα requires less ligand to obtain maximal activation than ERβ [ 25 26 ] . Likewise, both ERs suppress the activity of the TNFα promoter in response to estrogens, but ERβ is a more potent repressor than ERα [ 27 ] . However, some of the most striking isoform-specific differences in gene regulation are observed at promoters, such as that of cyclin D1, which contain AP-1 sites or related cyclic AMP response elements (CREs).

  • The NR family contains two related ERs (ERα and ERβ) that conform to the typical three domain NR structure and share extensive sequence homology in the DBD and LBD region [ 20 21 ] . Analysis of the function of the individual ERs in mouse knockout models suggests that the major proliferative effects of estrogen are mediated by ERα and not by ERβ, which seems to play an inhibitory role in proliferation in some studies [ 22 23 ] . The ligand-binding properties of the ERs are different, with ERβ often exhibiting stronger binding to plant-derived phytoestrogens [ 24 ] . More importantly, the ERs exhibit isoform-specific effects on gene expression.

  • Three exons (9br, 23a and 48a) are known to be subjected to alternative splicing and these isoforms were also detected at the protein level with isoform-specific antibodies [ 9 10 ] . Four additional alternative transcripts were described (ex29-, ex30-, ex29/30- and the N-isoform) but no further analysis at the protein level was reported [ 11 12 ] . During mutation analysis in the NF1 -gene we disclosed several additional splice variants in which specific exons were skipped and that were also present in fresh lymphocytes of non-affected persons, albeit typically at a low level [ 13 ] . Several other studies also report the existence of lowly expressed splice NF1 variants.

  • We discuss the potential significance of these different modes of ER interaction with N-CoR in terms of known isoform-specific behaviors.

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