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  • Glycated haemoglobin (HbAlc) was measured by ion exchange chromatography [ 13].

  • These two systems of activity-dependent and activity-independent ion channel compensation bear a close resemblance to the gene network simulated by Bergman and Siegal (2003) in which each gene regulates its own expression and that of other network genes.

  • Examples of donor-acceptor combinations might include: simple sugars and/or amino acids or other organic molecules in the presence of oxygen or nitrate (organisms capable of heterotrophic respiration), hydrogen and ferric ions or oxidized iron minerals (chemoautotrophic hydrogen oxidizers), organic acids and ferric ions or oxidized iron minerals (heterotrophic iron reducers), bicarbonate/carbonate and trace minerals in the presence and absence of light (photosynthetic organisms), carbon dioxide and a reduced metal such as ferrous ions (chemoautotrophs), ammonium ion and bicarbonate/carbonate (ammonia oxidizers), etc.

  • The VR1 channel is a member of the superfamily of ion channels with six membrane-spanning domains, with highest homology to the trp family of ion channels.

  • For those ion channels within this superfamily for which stoichiometry has been directly examined, all have been shown to be composed of four six-transmembrane domain subunits or pseudosubunits, with auxiliary subunits sometimes present as well [ 22 ] . An initial characterization of VR1 channels expressed in Cos and CHO cells has recently revealed that, under certain conditions, they run as multimers on pseudo-native (PFO) gels, with tetramers being one of the primary bands observed [ 23 ] . Thus, like other six membrane spanning domain channels, VR1 almost certainly forms as a tetramer; whether it combines with homologous subunits to form heteromeric channels remains to be determined.

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