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  • The regulated ion channel function of AQP1 is not blocked by external TEA.

  • In addition, in early 2003, they reported that, as in other sensory systems, a single signalling pathway involving the ion channel TRPM5 and PLCβ2, a phospholipase that produces a TRPM5 activator, lies downstream of the bitter, sweet, and umami receptors.

  • The neurotoxin P2 (35 ammo acids), another short toxin and a structural homologue of short insectotoxin II and 15, shows toxicity towards Sarcophaga falculata and crustaceans [ 26 ] . Chlorotoxin, isolated from Leiurus quinquestriatus haebraeus, shows Cl -channel-blocking activity and causes paralysis due to the inhibition of structurally related anion channels such as the extrajunctional channels of arthropod muscles [ 11 ] . It has also been reported that the short insectotoxin I5A may act on a "glutamate receptor of the postsynaptic membrane" [ 22 ] . Although no specific experimental evidence is available on the mode of action of ButaIT, it is assumed that ButaIT exerts similar ion channel blocking activity as that of other short insect toxins.

  • Nociceptors are specialized primary afferent neurons and the first cells in the series of neurons that lead to the sensation of pain [ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ] . The receptors in these cells can be activated by different noxious chemical or physical stimuli [ 9 10 11 ] . The essential functions of nociceptors include the transduction of noxious stimuli into depolarizations that trigger action potentials, conduction of action potentials from peripheral sensory sites to synapses in the central nervous system, and conversion of action potentials into neurotransmitter release at presynaptic terminals, all of which depend on ion channels [ 6 12 13 14 15 16 ] . Recent expression cloning has led to the identification of the first pain sensory receptor.

  • The predicted topological organization consists of six transmembrane domains with a hydrophobic loop between the fifth and sixth domain which lines the ion conducting pore [ 17 ] . VR1 has been expressed heterologously in several cell lines and has intrinsic sensitivity to thermal stimuli and to capsaicin (a pungent extract of the Capsicum pepper family) [ 18 ] . VR1 does not discriminate among monovalent cations [ 19 ] ; however, it exhibits a notable preference for divalent cations with a permeability sequence of Ca 2+> Mg 2+> Na +≈ K +≈ Cs + [ 9 ] . Ca 2+is especially important to VR1 function, as extracellular Ca 2+mediates desensitization [ 20 21 ] , a process which enables a neuron to adapt to specific stimuli by diminishing its overall response to a particular chemical or physical signal.

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