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How can you use “intra-abdominal” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • • Post-pyloric feeding is recommended in patients at high risk of aspiration, in patients undergoing major intra-abdominal surgery and patients who are intolerant of gastric feeding

  • The nonseptic group included eight patients with intra-abdominal disease (five with decompensated cirrhosis, three with acute pancreatitis), one patient with adrenal insufficiency, and four patients with unclear etiologies for hypotension and low SVR (idiopathic).

  • We used this measure in preference to waist to hip ratio, because a study which determined peripheral and abdominal adipose tissue content in children using magnetic resonance imaging found that WC:AC correlated positively with intra-abdominal adipose tissue (r ± 0.63, P = 0.001) while waist to hip ratio did not (r = 0.11) [ 34 ] . Two other indices of central adiposity were calculated from skinfolds: Central-peripheral (CPR) as subscapular skinfold + suprailliac skinfold) / (triceps skinfold+ thigh skinfold) and ratio of subscapular to triceps skinfold (STR).

  • The morbidity profile of antibiotic use broadly corresponds to that observed in an Indian study [ 13 ] . In another study from Israel [ 14 ] , antibiotics were most commonly used in respiratory tract infection and UTI followed by sepsis and intra-abdominal infections.

  • Mean operating time was 232 ± 116 min(median 210 min, range 37-493 min), mean intraoperative blood loss was 2064 ±2271 cm 3(median 1100 cm 3, range 0-9000cm 3),mean transfusion of red blood cells was 3.4 ± 4.7 units (median 2 units,range 0-18 units), and mean intraoperative fluid administration was 5369 ±3922 cm 3(median 4300 cm 3, range 400-20600 cm 3).During their postoperative course, seven patients required second procedures(two drainage intraabdominal abscesses, two tracheostomies, one repair ofbleeding peptic ulcer, one repair of postoperative intraabdominal bleed, onerepeat pancreatic debridement), two patients required a third procedure (onerepeat pancreatic debridement, one removal of intra-abdominal packing andclosure of abdomen), and one patient required a fourth procedure(thoracotomy/decortication for empyema).

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