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How can you use “intra-” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Intra- and inter-assay variations were all less than 5% and less than 10%, respectively.

  • On the basis of comparative structural predictions of all mammalian TMCs we propose a basic topology of the generic TMC protein with variable intracellular amino- and carboxyl-termini, a conserved core with eight membrane-spanning domains, and some variability in the length of several intra- and extracellular loops (Figure 2).

  • An extensive collection of Salmonella typhimurium auxotrophic mutants, accumulated by Miloslav Demerec and associates in the 1950 and 1960 decades was used primarily to develop intra- and inter-genic maps of the S. typhimurium LT2 chromosome [ 1 2 ] . Over 20,000 of these original sealed agar stab cultures (0.

  • Figures 3aand 3bcompare the intra- and inter-slide variation of oligonucleotides to discern twofold changes in Arabidopsis targets.

  • Three morphological classes include sec mutants with extended networks of ER membrane, those with accumulated Golgi, and a third with accumulated 80-100 nm secretory vesicles [ 37 ] . The morphological perturbations directly correlate with distinct secretory pathway blocks: ER-Golgi, intra-Golgi, and Golgi-plasma membrane [ 44 ] . A recent study in S. pombe has also shown that sec mutants can affect NE and cell cycle progression [ 55 ] . In addition to sec13 , our screen also identified mutant alleles of SEC23 , SEC27 and BET3 . The mislocalization of GFP-Nups in sec13 and sec23 mutants was coincident with the formation of extensive honeycomb networks of ER.

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