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How can you use “initiator” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Thus man "should be the initiator because of [his] stronger sex drive," while "the role of the woman is to respond."

  • To localize promoters in genomic sequences, an input window of 300 bp is shifted along both sides of the sequence, and the neural network score as well as the position of the initiator segment is stored for each window.

  • In some cases, reassembly of a new ribosomal initiation complex after the terminator codon of the leader ORF serves to re-initiate translation at the initiator AUG codon for the main ORF, and thus two proteins are generated [ 39 ] . In other cases, leaky scanning by the ribosomal initiation complex bypasses the 5'-located leader ORF entirely, and only the "internal" ORF is translated [ 32 ] . In the case of fs-α 1S , we are not entirely certain which mechanism best applies.

  • Note that the initiator and TATA box are no longer identified, owing to the background model and the extended sequences, but that some of the other core motifs of Table 2are still highly statistically significant.

  • Since the CD5 promoter does not contain a TATA box, these initiator binding sites may play a more important role in establishing transcription initiation.

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