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How can you use “initiator” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • 24 cells and primary mouse hepatocytes, through activation of the Fas receptor in a FasL-independent manner [ 19 25 ] . Moreover, GCDCA was demonstrated to activate both initiator and effector caspases, and that the apoptotic response can be blocked by Crm A, a caspase 8 inhibitor [ 25 ] . The mechanism by which bile acids stimulate the activation of Fas receptor remains unclear.

  • unknown, but it may have a role in cell division [ 11 ] . RNase P, which consists of the protein subunit RnpA and a catalytic RNA subunit, is essential for generating mature tRNAs by cleaving the 5'-terminal leader sequences of precursor tRNAs [ 16 ] . rpmH encodes ribosomal protein L34, and DnaA is the initiator protein for chromosome replication.

  • Acting through N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors, glutamate is believed to be a potent initiator of RGC neurotoxicity [ 26] and, as described here, the vitreous of at least some AKXD28 mice contains elevated glutamate concentrations when IOP is elevated.

  • Thus man "should be the initiator because of [his] stronger sex drive," while "the role of the woman is to respond."

  • However, re-initiation after a stop has only been described for cases in which the leader ORF is no longer than 30 codons because initiation factors fall off shortly after recognition of the initiator AUG [ 32 ] . In the case of fs-α 1S , what can be considered the "leader" ORF encodes for a protein of 671 residues.

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