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How can you use “initiator” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Since the CD5 promoter does not contain a TATA box, these initiator binding sites may play a more important role in establishing transcription initiation.

  • Of the various cytokines tested (TNFα, IFNγ, or sFasL), TNFα was the only potent initiator of CLENDO cell death.

  • In eukaryotic cells, translation starts at the AUG codon nearest to the 5' end of the mRNA, and this initiator site is found by sequential ribosomal scanning in the 5' to 3' direction [ 32 ] . However, translation initiation at internal AUGs due to leaky ribosomal scanning has been documented, especially for mRNAs consisting of a short leader ORF upstream from the main ORF.

  • However, re-initiation after a stop has only been described for cases in which the leader ORF is no longer than 30 codons because initiation factors fall off shortly after recognition of the initiator AUG [ 32 ] . In the case of fs-α 1S , what can be considered the "leader" ORF encodes for a protein of 671 residues.

  • Note that the initiator and TATA box are no longer identified, owing to the background model and the extended sequences, but that some of the other core motifs of Table 2are still highly statistically significant.

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